Exceptional flexibility in next-generation sequencing

NGSELECT is a specially-designed modular approach to next-generation sequencing (NGS). The product gives researchers the freedom to select one or more of our sequencing workflow modules, which include sequencing, library preparation, pre-sequencing or BioIT analysis. Use of these pre-defined modules can cost-efficiently enhance any NGS project.

Highlights NGSELECT

  • Flexibility in meeting individual scientific needs
  • Access to sequencing capacity alone
  • Cost-effective sequencing of ready-to-load libraries

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ISO9001 Certificate - GATC BiotechISO17025 Accreditation - GATC BiotechIllumina Certified Service Provider - GATC BiotechPacBio Certified Provider - GATC Biotech

Product Details

Product Specifications

  • Individual combinations of pre-defined sequencing modules: sequencing, library preparation, pre-sequencing, bioinformatics analysis
  • Scalable data output, starting from 5M read packages
  • Multiplatform approach with all leading NGS technologies in our own labs
  • Long-term experience and expertise adaptable to customer needs
  • ISO17025 accredited and ISO13485 certified sequencing available upon request

Table 1. Available libraries and starting material* for NGSELECT

Properties NGSELECT starting material

*For less starting material, please contact GATC Biotech.

Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for DNA isolation ordered online. More information about current classification of biological material can be found here. Please contact us for further information on DNA isolation from material classified as S2.

Sequencing platforms for NGSELECT

  • Illumina HiSeq 
  • Illumina MiSeq
  • PacBio RS II

Delivery time

  • Varies depending on individual requests

Additional Information

NGSELECT offers easy outsourcing of any part of the sequencing workflow. The product gives power users access to the sequencing technologies alone or in combination with our other pre-defined modules for pre-sequencing, library preparation and BioIT analysis. The modular setup accelerates NGS projects and lowers associated costs. Customers with their own in-house sequencing facility can outsource the sequencing workload at peak times for faster, exceptionally high-quality data generation. Standardised processes and the use of the most appropriate methods ensure reliable results and optimum performance.

The applications of NGSelect are nearly limitless, but some of the most common uses of the product include:

  • Ready-to-load library sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • De novo sequencing of genomes or transcriptomes
  • Bacterial re-sequencing
  • miRNA profiling


1. What starting material do you accept?
For a list of accepted starting material, including the relevant amounts, please refer to Table 1 in Product Specifications.

2. Do I always need a genomic reference sequence?
For most cases no reference sequence is required. For particular cases, a clearly defined Ensembl name for the annotated genomic reference sequence has to be provided prior to project start. Alternatively the genome sequence can be provided in Fasta (along with the corresponding annotation in Gene Transfer format (gtf)) or in GenBank format (including annotation).

3. What kind of quality control do you perform?
The quality and quantity of each incoming sample will be determined by appropriate methods. Further quality controls are performed at various steps of the process.

4. What should I do if my sample fails the entry QC?
If the amount, concentration and/or quality of the starting material do not meet requirements for further processing, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. If possible, GATC Biotech will recommend additional pre-processing steps in order to optimise the sample quality.

5. What kind of BioIT do you offer?
Affordable, high-quality bioinformatics analysis is available for each package, including data filtering and QC.

6. Can I use the results for diagnostic purposes?
Yes, upon request, the service can be carried out under diagnostic conditions with ISO17025 certified workflows.

7. How do I obtain my results and what form will they be in when delivered?
All raw and analysed data can be downloaded via your secure myGATC online account.

8. Where should I send my samples?
Mail your samples to the following address:
GATC Biotech AG
European Genome and Diagnostics Centre
Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
78467 Konstanz, Germany

Please do not use GATC Collection Points for shipping NextGen samples, because this will delay sample arrival at the appropriate destination.


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