Established solid tumour panel that targets actionable cancer mutations

INVIEW ONCOPANEL is a large gene panel for evaluation of significant tumour-specific genomic alterations. DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) or fresh tissue samples is subjected to target enrichment by single-molecule PCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS) for detailed profiling of mutations that impact tumour development. The oncology panel interrogates more than 200 clinically relevant regions from 50 widely studied cancer genes, including tumour activators, tumour suppressors and biomarkers of drug resistance.


  • Rapid, cost-efficient detection of genomic alterations in key cancer drivers
  • Low-input DNA extraction capabilities from precious tissue and FFPE samples
  • High sequence coverage, uniformity and sensitivity

Service required

INVIEW ONCOPANEL incl. 5.000x on taget coverage


* This service can only be booked in combination with other services.

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Product Details

Product details

Full-service package offered by INVIEW ONCOPANEL includes the following: 

  • Validated NGS cancer gene panel for evaluation of important tumour-associated mutations 
  • Optimised protocols for low-input DNA extraction 
  • Targeted analysis of more than 200 amplicons from 50 relevant cancer genes via single molecule PCR 
  • Maximum sequence coverage and uniformity 
  • Quantification with minor allele frequencies as low as 1%

INVIEW ONCOPANEL - list of genes
Table 1. List of genes included in INVIEW ONCOPANEL

Accepted starting material for INVIEW ONCOPANEL

  • DNA
  • Blood
  • FFPE
  • Tissue

Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for DNA isolation ordered online. More information about the current rules for classifying biological material can be found here. Please contact us for further information on isolating DNA from material classified as S2.

Batch size

  • 4 (multiples)

Technology used for INVIEW ONCOPANEL

  • Single-molecule PCR for target enrichment
  • Illumina for NGS

Deliverables of INVIEW ONCOPANEL

  • GATC Data Analysis Report with workflow descriptions and a detailed table of all results

The product is available for research use only (RUO).

Additional Information

Our sample-to-data service builds on an NGS-based oncology panel for detailed analysis of tissue and FFPE samples. The service offers clinicians and researchers the opportunity to evaluate minimum amounts of DNA from precious biopsy samples. Scientifically relevant targets ensure all investigative power is focused on clinically actionable mutations that could make a difference for a cancer patient’s treatment outcome. Proprietary PCR and NGS workflows are carried out under diagnostic conditions to produce cancer profiles that meet the most stringent quality requirements. A team of experts analyse the sequencing results to produce a data report that presents clear, meaningful information with the highest degree of confidence.


Figure 1. Workflow INVIEW ONCOPANEL

Typical applications for INVIEW ONCOPANEL include:

  • Comparative analysis of data from tissue biopsies and liquid biopsies (GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL)
  • Cancer genotyping by investigation of well-known tumour-associated mutations
  • Modeling pathways of tumour progression and metastasis
  • Determination of most important mutation for further studies

INVIEW ONCOPANEL is suitable for clinical applications such as the following:

  • Confirmation of diagnosis
  • Tumour classification
  • Histological grading
  • Tumour staging to reveal the extent of tumour spread
  • Guidance for treatment decisions 
  • Assignment of patients to clinical trials
  • Post-treatment follow-up, especially for monitoring of multiple mutations

The product is available for research use only (RUO).


1. What kind of samples can be processed with INVIEW ONCOPANEL?
For INVIEW ONCOPANEL, we accept tissue, FFPE and blood samples.
For liquid biopsy analysis of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolated from blood plasma, please refer to our GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL product.

2. How is target enrichment performed?
The genes of interest are enriched via targeted single-molecule picodroplet PCR, which offers improved sequence uniformity and more complete coverage (greater than 99%). Each PCR droplet contains the same amount of genomic DNA, primers and master mix, resulting in highly uniform singleplex PCR products. These are then subjected to next-generation sequencing.

3. What kind of mutations can be detected with INVIEW ONCOPANEL?
The product interrogates more than 200 amplicons for mutations such as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and InDels.

4. What is the sensitivity of the product?
The product has a sensitivity of about 1%.

5. What kind of quality controls do you perform?
The quality and quantity of each sample will be determined upon receiving the sample. Further quality controls are performed at various steps of the process.

6. What is the difference between INVIEW ONCOPANEL and GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL?
Both tests offer cancer detection services based on an established oncology panel. The interrogated genes and genomic alterations of the panel are the same. Similarly, the techniques used for both products are based on single- molecule PCR for target enrichment and next-generation sequencing.

The two products differ in their starting material. INVIEW ONCOPANEL can accept traditional source material such as tissue and FFPE samples, whereas GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL analyses cfDNA extracted from blood plasma samples only. As one product is aimed at solid- tumour characterisation and the other is liquid biopsy-based, their applications for clinical research can also differ.

7. Can I directly compare results between INVIEW ONCOPANEL and GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL?
Yes, the two services are ideally suited for studies aimed at comparing the performance of traditional biopsies versus liquid biopsies.

8. Can I use INVIEW ONCOPANEL for diagnostic purposes?
The product is available for research use only (RUO).

9. How do I obtain my results and what form will they be in when delivered?
All deliverables can be downloaded via your secure myGATC online account.

10. How many samples can I submit?
GATC Biotech accepts any number of samples in multiples of four.

11. Where should I send my samples?
Please mail your samples to:
GATC Biotech AG
European Genome and Diagnostics Centre
Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
78467 Konstanz

Please do not use GATC Collection Points for shipping NextGen samples, because this will delay sample arrival at the appropriate destination.


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