GATC Biotech launches most comprehensive cancer panel for profiling of any tumour type

Constance, Germany, May 23, 2017: GATC Biotech, a leading worldwide provider of sequencing services, announced today the launch of ONCOPANEL ALL-IN-ONE, the most comprehensive cancer gene panel for liquid biopsy and tissue biopsy samples to date. The next-generation sequencing panel of about 600 genes enables the accurate detection of clinically actionable mutations and structural rearrangements for all solid tumours including lung, colon, breast, ovarian, melanoma and gastrointestinal tumours.  

“ONCOPANEL ALL-IN-ONE is unique as it combines all currently characterised cancer-specific genes into one test, “said Dr. Tobias Paprotka, Director of Research & Development at GATC Biotech. “For the first time, clinical researchers can confidently and conveniently characterise any tumour type with a single gene panel. The cancer panel is optimised to work with any starting material such as fresh frozen tissue, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue or blood plasma samples. The unprecedented scope, precision and accuracy of the cancer panel will help progress our understanding of the molecular basis of cancer and thereby advance the field of personalised medicine.”

The assay covers the entire exons of 597 genes and selected promoter regions to identify clinically relevant mutations, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions (InDels), copy number variations (CNVs) and gene fusion events. The panel offers  detection levels down to 1% allele frequency. GATCLIQUID ONCOPANEL ALL-IN-ONE analyses cell-free DNA extracted from plasma, whereas INVIEW ONCOPANEL ALL-IN-ONE interrogates DNA from tumour tissue or FFPE samples. 

“The two ALL-IN-ONE products are perfectly suited to study the concordance between liquid and tissue biopsies for the detection of cancer-specific mutations,” continued Dr. Paprotka. “Our perfectly complemented services facilitate this type of comparative research by providing fast and reproducible data, which is needed to confidently establish liquid biopsies in a clinical setting.”

The ONCOPANEL ALL-IN-ONE services are added to GATC Biotech’s comprehensive cancer product portfolio. The GATCLIQUID service line provides whole exome sequencing or ultra-sensitive monitoring of single mutations from blood plasma. The INVIEW services offer a complete range of solutions for targeted sequencing of FFPE samples, including whole exome and RNA-Seq products. The company is committed to delivering superior data quality from each sample with the hope of using powerful genomic approaches to improve cancer patient outcomes.

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