New exome product facilitates cost-efficient variant detection in hereditary diseases

  • Reliable analysis of germline mutations from tissue, blood, cells and FFPE samples 
  • Affordable exome sequencing for hereditary disease and pharmacogenetic studies

Constance, Germany, December 5, 2016 - GATC Biotech, a leading global provider of DNA sequencing services, has introduced a new product for all standard applications of whole exome sequencing. INVIEW HUMAN EXOME EXPLORE applies streamlined workflows for cost-effective exome analysis with uncompromised data quality. The service makes exome sequencing more accessible to scientists working on improving the outcome for patients with genetic disorders.

“A positive impact for children and adults with inherited diseases is definitely possible with exome sequencing,” said Dr. Tobias Paprotka, Director of Research & Development at GATC Biotech. “A growing body of evidence supports the use of exome sequencing in the management of inherited disorders, but rapid implementation has been hindered by high costs. By providing more affordable exome analysis, we want to accelerate the molecular characterisation of hereditary disease, which can lead to improved risk estimation, diagnosis and better treatment options for affected individuals.“

INVIEW HUMAN EXOME EXPLORE offers superior exon coverage and high data reproducibility to enable accurate detection and annotation of common genomic alterations like single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertions and deletions (InDels). The service is especially beneficial for clinical research or studies on molecular evolution and polymorphisms in humans. 

INVIEW HUMAN EXOME ADVANCE, formerly INVIEW HUMAN EXOME, offers in-depth analysis of germline and somatic mutations even from low-input samples. INVIEW HUMAN EXOME ADVANCE is perfectly suited for research needed to progress our understanding and treatment of diseases such as cancer.

About GATC Biotech
GATC Biotech, a family owned business since 1990, is Europe’s leading sequencing services provider with more than 10,000 customers from academia, healthcare and industry worldwide. The company consistently contributes to the sequencing field with innovative products, scientific expertise and rigorous quality.

Currently, the entrepreneurial energy is concentrated on a completely new approach in the area of personalised medicine. GATCLIQUID is the world’s first liquid biopsy- based service for cancer research and diagnosis.

As a renowned brand, GATC Biotech offers all leading sequencing technologies in its own laboratories in Cologne and Constance, Germany. The company’s proprietary workflows deliver ready-for-diagnostics results backed by ISO 17025 accreditation and ISO 13485 certification. From Sanger to next-generation sequencing,  GATC Biotech offers unmatched flexibility to customers interested in any kind of genomics such as transcriptome, epigenome, exome or whole genome analysis.

GATC Biotech has a proven record of publicly funded projects by the EU and other national agencies. The company has formed numerous successful collaborations with world-renowned universities, academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.
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