Alliance for “Next Generation Sequencing”

GATC Biotech AG and the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology sign co-operation agreement

Constance, Germany, 31 March 2017: DNA sequencing, in which the sequence of the bases or nucleotides which make up genetic material  is determined, is one of the most important processes for  genome analysis. Progress in “Next Generation” processes for DNA sequencing hold high potential for fundamental research and medical diagnosis. The Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology of the University of Constance and GATC Biotech, a leading sequencing service provider, have now signed an agreement for a close scientific and cost-efficient cooperation in the field of ”Next Generation Sequencing” (NGS). The aim of this agreement is to establish an ”Alliance for Sequence and TRanscript Analysis” (ASTRA) in order to further develop and expand modern sequencing processes. The co-operation was establishedduring a mutual workshop for both partners, mediated by the BioLAGO life science network.

The ASTRA alliance combines the excellent infrastructure of GATC Biotech with University of Constance research projects whose main focus is on chemical biology.

“With the current agreement, we create  mutual benefits for both partners”, explained Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx, spokespersonfor the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology. “Our research projects benefit from the cost-efficient sequencing at GATC, while at GATC, novel developments are realised thanks to our research projects.”

With the help of the new co-operation, the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology has the possibility to deploy the newest form of genome analysis in its research projects and to make use of GATC's state-of-the-art infrastructure. GATC supports the researchers with its know-how through affordable and high-quality sequencing and offers consultation in project design. 

“We want to support the university in its  research work with our efficient laboratories and our experience indeciphering genetic material,”, said Dr. Marcus Benz, Member of the Executive Board of GATC Biotech.

The new alliance should not only expand and exhilarate effective research in chemical biology, but also transform the technological advantage into scientific and financial success. GATC is already involved in many partially publicly subsidised projects with numerous research facilities and can contribute the required know-how to this newly founded collaboration.

Chemical biology and the field of life sciences are one of four profile sectors of the University of Constance. The Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology, which is jointly coordinated by the Constance departments Biology, Chemistry, as well as Computer Science and Information Science, was successful in both phases of the Excellence Initiative of the federal government and the federal states. It was approved for two funding phases from 2007 to 2017 and is currently funded until 31 December 2018. To-date, more than 220 PhD theses have been  launched and 115 of them have already been completed successfully.

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GATC Biotech AG, with its headquarters in Constance, Germany, is Europe's leading provider in the field of genotype analysis. Since 1990, the power of innovation and quality have formed the trademark for DNA and RNA sequencing, as well as bioinformatics at the highest level. The family business is already supporting more than 10,000 customers in the fields of industry, healthcare and academic research in 40 countries in reaching their goals. Currently, the entrepreneurial energy is focused on a completely new approach for the field of personalised healthcare. As a medium-sized company, GATC Biotech can demonstrate considerable track records of publicly subsidies projects. Together with various European partners, it regularly conducts research projects for publicly subsidised subjects. Learn more on:

Facts overview

  • Cooperation goal: establishing an “Alliance for Sequence and TRanscript Analysis“ (ASTRA) for further developing modern sequencing processes.
  • Agreement: use of the infrastructure of GATC Biotech for research projects of the Graduiertenschule Chemische Biologie


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