Using our services to improve human quality of life—that is our vision. To reach this goal, we have specialists from an extraordinarily wide range of fields working closely together. We need people in each one of these fields if we are to achieve our objectives. Share the responsibility with us at GATC Biotech—and share in our success. 

The next page provides an overview of the wide variety of fields represented at our company.

Are you a biologist or natural scientist?

The kind of work you might do: Research and development, customer support, production in an innovative laboratory, data analysis using bioinformatics software, work as a scientific sales representative, quality management, or marketing and communications. See anything you like?

Are you a biotech assistant, biology lab technician, chemical technician, or have you had similar training?

We have a number of highly coordinated teams ensuring smooth sample processing at our European Genome & Diagnostics Centre in Konstanz and at our European Custom Sequencing Centre in Cologne. Do you enjoy working in the lab? Then we look forward to your application—unsolicited applications are welcome too!

Are you a bioinformatics developer?

You will work on enhancing our analytical software. We are constantly optimizing our bioinformatics software and adapting it to the latest processes and analysis methods. The bioinformatics software you develop is what turns raw data into a basis for further research.

Are you a software developer?

Your job would be to support an exceptionally wide variety of software and tools, and to manage and document all important GATC Biotech processes. We use the latest technologies and methodologies, updating them on an ongoing basis to ensure they are state of the art. Our software developer team implements concepts for developing new software and enhancing our existing software. This innovative approach plays a major role in the success of GATC and creates the foundation for our future growth. 

Are you an IT administrator?

In order to perform professional analyses on huge volumes of sequencing data, we have our own web farm with a large number of servers; maintaining and developing our server farm is the job of our IT Operations unit. Other aspects of this multifaceted job range from planning, configuring and administrating networks and IT systems to system support and training.

Are you an administrative professional or do you have a background in business administration? 

We have an ongoing need for administrative personnel in areas such as financial accounting, marketing and human resources.

Interested in applying?

Specific job opportunities and an option for sending unsolicited applications can be found here.

We would be happy for you to contact us or to send us an (unsolicited) application at any time!

Are you looking for an internship?

The GATC team also includes interns. We look forward to unsolicited applications from individuals interested in an in-depth look at the daily routine at GATC as part of a required internship lasting three but ideally six months. We regularly offer internships at our European Genome & Diagnostics Centre in Konstanz, where you can familiarize yourself with next-generation sequencing technologies. If you are interested in an internship in a different area, we would be happy to determine whether we have suitable positions available. 

Would you like to apply for an internship?

If so, please send us as many details about your internship needs as you can (such as the time frame or your university’s requirements), along with proof of enrolment and your current transcripts.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship?

We offer apprenticeships for the following positions: IT specialist with an emphasis on system integration or application development, office communications specialist, and business administrator.