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Sample shipment and free sample collection

Shipping addresses in Germany


If you have not agreed with us otherwise, please send the samples per mail to:


Germany (Sanger Sequencing):

GATC Biotech AG

European Custom Sequencing Centre

Gottfried-Hagen-Straße 20

D-51105 Köln


Germany (NextGen Sequencing):

GATC Biotech AG

European Genome and Diagnostics Centre
Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
D-78467 Konstanz


Customers outside the European Union please download and use this "Proforma Invoice - Sanger Sequencing", "Proforma Invoice - NextGen Sequencing".


To ensure that your DNA samples arrive securely at GATC, please use our free GATC Boexle™. These practical shipping boxes can easily be ordered with your next sequencing order. We will promptly send you a small supply.

Free sample collection at the GATC Collection Points


In many European cities we have arranged free sample collection for you. In your myGATC account, you can find out whether there is a GATC collection point somewhere near you. Not yet available? Please contact us!

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Plates for sample delivery:
Corning, item number: 3754 oder Axygen, item number: PCR-96-AB-C

Caps for sealing the plates:
Flat Cap Strips: Thermo Scientific, item number: AB0786

1,5 ml Tubes of Eppendorf
(Tubes seal very well and do not require any additional sealing with parafilm.)

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