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Sequencing technologies


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Always a step ahead!


GATC Biotech is the no. 1 sequencing service provider in Europe. This success is based on GATC Biotech’s commitment to pioneer innovative services:


  • 1990 - GATC Biotech is Europe’s first sequencing company

  • 1992 - World's first non-radioactive sequencing technology invented by GATC Biotech

  • 1997 - World's first 24h sequencing service

  • 1998 – World´s first online Life Science Internet Ordering and Delivery System

  • 2006 - World's first multiplatform sequencing service provider with Illumina GA & Roche GS 20

  • 2007 - World's first  NightXpress service (honoured by the initiative  "Germany - Land of Ideas")

  • 2010 - World’s first commercial platform Illumina HiSeq 2000

  • 2011 - Europe's first commercial platform PacBio RS


Our success in participating in internationally highly recognised research projects underlines our business strategy to invest early in innovative technologies. Here are some of our project highlights:

  • 1993 – GATC Biotech participated in sequencing the first chromosome of yeast for the European Union
  •  2006 - GATC Biotech sequenced for the Potato Genome Sequencing  Consortium (PGSC) on behalf of Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  •  Since 2010 - GATC Biotech serves as a sequencing service provider for the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC)


LifeCodexx AG, a German affiliate of GATC Biotech, offers clinically validated molecular diagnostic tests. The PraenaTest® was developed between 2009 and 2012 by LifeCodexx AG in collaboration with several leading prenatal centres in Germany and Switzerland and based on GATC Biotech’s expertise in Next Generation Sequencing.

  • August 2012 - PrenaTest® is available in more than 70 qualified prenatal diagnostic centres in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


Today, GATC Biotech successfully serves over 10,000 customers in 40 countries around the globe in industries and academia. GATC Biotech’s expertise and reliability feeds long-term customer relationships, for example with Research Council UK:

  • Since 2005 - GATC Biotech is preferred supplier of Research Council UK
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