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Opening hours:
8 am - 6 pm CET (Mon-Fri)

NightXpressTM - the fastest sequencing service in the world

Sample collection, transport AND sequencing the same night!

Post in the evening, download in the morning

With NightXpress (NXP) you drop your samples in the evening at one of the GATC Collection Points and the next working day by 8 to 11 am (SUPREMERUN tube NXP), or respectively, 8 am to 1 pm (LIGHTRUN tube NXP) you already download your sequences. When dropping samples on Friday, these will be picked up the same evening and will be shipped to our European Custom Sequencing Centre. Your data will be available for download the next Monday morning.


No delays!

With NightXpress you gain a crucial lead and can continue with your project right away.


Free sample collection service

If your institute has a NightXpress GATC Collection Points available, we will pick up ALL samples in the evening and free of charge – no matter which service you have ordered from us. The collection times are given on the GATC Collection Boxes.  


NightXpress is already available in many cities – but not yet near you?

Please contact us!

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