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Sanger sequencing in tubes or as high-throughput in 96 well plate format – GATC Biotech offers a wide range of Sanger sequencing services.


With 24 years of experience in Sanger sequencing, GATC Biotech is the most reliable partner you can choose for receiving high quality results with short delivery times.

The laboratory of our European Custom Sequencing Centre in Cologne is highly automated, using a fleet of state-of-the-art Hamilton robots. Our team works around the clock to analyse 12,000 samples per day in tubes and 96 well plate format, delivering high quality data in hours.


Sanger sequencing services

SUPREMERUN of plasmids or PCR fragments in 1.5 ml tubes or in 96 well plates

LIGHTRUN (Premix DNA & Primer): Sanger sequencing of purified plasmids or PCR fragments in 1.5 ml tubes or in 96 well plates


Sequencing Specials

In order to make ordering, sample shipment or data delivery as easy as possible for you, we offer many Specials together with our Sequencing Services:


Sample shipment and sample collection

GATC Böxle™: The original – available together with our SUPREMERUN sequencing to ensure safe transport of your samples in 1.5 ml tubes. Free GATC Böxle™ can be requested when placing your sequencing order.


Free sample collection at the GATC Collection Points

In many European cities we offer free sample collection directly at or near your institute. Please check your myGATC account for a collection point nearby and contact us if there is no GATC collection point near you or you do not have a myGATC account yet.


NightXpress™ service – sample collection, transport AND sequencing overnight!

Where NightXpress GATC Collection Points are available, GATC Biotech will pick up all samples in the evening and free of charge – no matter which service you have ordered. NightXpress data will be delivered in myGATC overnight, from 8 to 11 am (SUPREMERUN tube NXP), or respectively, 8 am to 1 pm (LIGHTRUN tube NXP) the next business day. The collection times are given on the GATC Collection Boxes.

NightXpress service is already available in many cities, but not yet near you? Contact us!

Ordering and data delivery via myGATC                                       

From our myGATC online lab you can order sequencing services and download sequence data from your secure account. All sequence data are safely archived for one year and can be managed there. During processing, online real-time tracking of your sequencing project is possible. Specific data can be found easily with different search functions for e.g. DNA and primer name, WatchBox or Job-No. You can also search for matching custom or universal primers.

Moreover, myGATC provides you with a convenient Barcode Management System, in which you can easily monitor your barcode stock and transfer barcodes to or from colleagues.


Payment Options

Prepaid sequencing barcodes                                                                                          

GATC Biotech offers different prepaid sequencing options for tubes and plates which can be ordered online from myGATC. Barcode labels allow simple sample description and unambiguous sample identification. We offer attractive prices depending on barcode batch size and we replace lost barcodes free of charge. Reduce your administrative work by avoiding single orders and manage your stock easily via myGATC!

Customer Benefit Account

A Customer Benefit Account at GATC Biotech combines all the advantages of a convenient budget management with flexible project management and offers you attractive conditions:

  • You deposit a certain amount in advance to your personal Customer Benefit Account at GATC Biotech.

  • You stay flexible and can implement your sequencing project whenever you like.

  • You apply for budget only once.

  • Annoying individual billing is avoided.

  • Different people can be authorized to use your account.

  • All completed sequencing orders are invoiced in a transparent and intelligible way in the account.

  • You regularly receive a detailed overview of the sequencing orders completed and settled.

  • You maintain complete control over your budget, projects and orders

  • You benefit from regular promotional offers

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