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11 | 05 | 16

GATC Biotech expands oncology product line with INVIEW ONCOPANEL for solid tumour profiling

Surveillance of 50 clinically relevant cancer genes  for targeted treatment of solid tumours  Treatment decision support for...


21 | 03 | 16

GATC Biotech’s liquid biopsy testing starts from as little as EUR 195 per sample

 GATC Biotech takes also the lead in terms of costs of liquid biopsy testing. GATCLIQUID services support early implementation of...


11 | 03 | 16

GATC Biotech Receives Reviewer’s Choice Award: Service Provider of the Year 2016

Constance, Germany, March 11, 2016: GATC Biotech AG, a world-wide leading provider of advanced genome analysis and diagnostic services, has...


15 | 02 | 16

GATC Biotech receives the TopJob Award 2016

After 2014, GATC Biotech again receives the TopJob Award for Germany's best employer among small and medium-sized enterprises with 101...


10 | 02 | 16

GATC Biotech offers the first global liquid biopsy service for clinical research and translational medicine

GATCLIQUID enables unmatched sensitivity in detection of tumour-specific mutations in blood on a ‘fee-for-service’ basis processed under...



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10 - 13 May 2016 | Munich, Germany



18 - 20 May 2016 | Deauville, France 

Journées Scientifiques du Cancéropole Nord-Ouest


21 - 23 May 2016 | Barcelona, Spain

European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) Meeting


Horizon 2020


Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions will perfectly match individual requests.

Look here for a made-to-order project design. Superb sequencing service, profound consultancy knowledge and 25 years of experience will lead you to your custom-fit approach.


Diagnostic Solutions

GATC Biotech as partner of trust within several international collaborations consolidated its expertise within Diagnostic Solutions

Expect state-of-the-art sequencing technologies, validated laboratory protocols and ISO 17025-accredited workflows. Receive reliable data, necessary know-how to succeed in the regulated market. 

Partner with us to realise the next generation of human diagnostics!



MYCOPLASMACHECK a PCR based assay to detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

Accurate - Reliable - Easy

Click here to learn more about GATC Biotech's quality control services and gain confidence in every cell culture.


The X-ray of the 21st century

Our GATCLIQUID service family offers cancer characterisation from a simple blood sample. Painful and costly tissue biopsies are replaced by non-invasive analysis of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). The so called liquid biopsy offers clinical researchers the opportunity to explore, screen and monitor a wide range of tumour-related mutations. This allows close surveillance of tumour dynamics and heterogeneity of a patient’s cancer.

Enter a new era of diagnostics with us!

Sequencing Solutions

Sequencing Solutions now groups our compelling Sanger sequencing services, our standardised INVIEW™ products as well as our novel modular NGSELECT.

The idea behind our Sequencing Solutions is to offer standardised one-stop solutions addressing the requirements from Sanger to NGS.



GATC Biotech introduces a novel modular system for next generation sequencing (NGS).

Build your own solution from pre-defined modules. 
Accompany us to the next level of NGS service.




Leading in Europe

GATC Biotech is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA sequencing with more than 10,000 academic and industrial customers worldwide.

For over two decades, we have offered sequencing and bioinformatics solutions from single samples up to large scale projects.

With all leading sequencing technologies installed in our own labs, we have sequenced more than 6 million samples, ten thousands of bacterial, plant and other whole genomes as well as hundreds of whole human genomes.

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