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GATC Biotech’s MYCOPLASMACHECK improves validity in cell culture research

Reliable and sensitive detection of all relevant mycoplasma contaminationsNew service for easy outsourcing of mycoplasma testing for close...


10 | 09 | 15

GATCLIQUID: The molecular X-ray of the 21st century - launched by GATC Biotech for cancer diagnostics

Detection of clinically actionable cancer mutations in blood Early access program for clinical research and product...


16 | 07 | 15

Ultra-deep and ultra-long amplicon sequencing to boost targeted sequencing

Next-generation sequencing of PCR products up to 3 kb Highly sensitive detection Done without cloning to minimize bias High accuracy of up...


02 | 06 | 15

Major funding award for research on risk prediction of women’s cancers

FORECEE/4C – Clinical research programme involving 14 European partnersGATC Biotech to provide scientific know-how in the field of...


07 | 05 | 15

GATC Biotech provides world’s first full-length 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing service

High-throughput sequencing of full-length 16S rRNA genesHighest taxonomic resolution for characterisation of microbial communities down to...



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01 - 04 November 2015 | Heidelberg, Germany

Cancer Genomics 2015


26 - 27 November 2015| Montpellier, France

RARE 2015






Leading in Europe

GATC Biotech is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA sequencing with more than 10,000 academic and industrial customers worldwide.

For over two decades, we have offered sequencing and bioinformatics solutions from single samples up to large scale projects.

With all leading sequencing technologies installed in our own labs, we have sequenced more than 6 million samples, ten thousands of bacterial, plant and other whole genomes as well as hundreds of whole human genomes.

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