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All leading sequencing technologies in one lab


GATC Biotech has all the leading sequencing technologies available in it’s lab, providing multiplatform sequencing strategies.


Our declared aim is to offer our customers a proven additional advantage for their projects, having the possibility to combine different technologies according to the scientific approach to the problem. This is done both to improve efficiency and to ensure continuity of quality as well as to preserve our independancy from any specific technology.


The laboratories are currently equipped with the following systems:

System Read length Reads per run Capacity Technology Key benefits
ABI 3730xl Up to 1,100 bases 96 ≈ 1Mb / day and instrument Sanger Robust chemistry, Automation combined with advanced optics
Pacific Bioscience PacBio RS II Ø > 4,000 bases ≈ 60.000 ≈ 1600 Mb / run, ≈ 200 Mb / SMRT Cell Single molecule real time sequencing resolves long & complex regions, PCR-free protocol, lowest GC- and AT-bias of all NGS sequencing technologies, genome wide detection of base modifications possible
Illumina HiSeq 2500 2 x 100 bases up to 6 billion up to 600 Gb / run Cyclic reversible chain termination single read and paired end data of 50 and 100 bases, wide application coverage
Illumina MiSeq 2 x 300 bases up to 50 million up to 15 Gb / run Cyclic reversible chain termination rapid turnaround time, accurate high quality data
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