Third Generation Sequencing Technologies provide new capabilities for microorganism research


With its broad spectrum of innovative and reliable sequencing and bioinformatics services, GATC Biotech successfully supports your academic research projects as well as your industry related applications. For example, GATC Biotech, in collaboration with the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), recently developed a cost efficient method for taxonomic characterisation of microbial communities.


Our Methods:


The new method provides valuable information concerning food safety quality control and optimisation of production yields in  food production processes. This quality assurance method will be applicable to many other industrial feed or food production fields, e.g. in fisheries, butcheries, breweries, or wherever production is based on directed formation of complex microbial ecological systems in goods.


More selected applications in the field of bacterial and yeast sequencing:

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